An unnamed flight attendant is being investigated by United Airlines for forcing a passenger to place their dog in an overhead bin for the duration of a flight from Houston to New York. The airline is taking full responsibility for the incident while confirming that placing pets in the overhead compartments is not a policy they allow.

“This was a tragic accident that should never have occurred,” the airline said in a statement, while they wished to convey their “deepest condolences to the family.”

Other passengers on the plane reported hearing barking during the flight, but nobody realized the dog had passed away until the plane had landed in NYC. By law, it is required of all U.S. carriers to report back to the U.S. Department of Transportation any incidents involving the loss, injury or death of animals during flights.

Out of the 24 total reports filed by carriers in 2017, 18 of them were from United Airlines. This incident just adds to a long list of grievances that have been filed against the airline in the past few years. Hopefully they’ll make better efforts in the future, and avoid having more of these unfortunate incidents occur.

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