Meet Ross Jennings, a 27-year-old Scottish lad with a real knack for the bagpipes. With international travel now easier than ever, many millennials are attempting to visit numerous countries before they turn 30. Ross, however, not only wants to visit every country, but he also wants to be the first to blast his bagpipes like a proud Scotsman in every country.

His travels began in 2014 soon after becoming inspired by an adventure travel show in London. The experience caused him to boldly quit his job and begin his journey in Tunisia.

Ross has been playing the bagpipes since the age of 14 and has never traveled far without them. Now he travels farther than he ever has, as usual keeping his trusty pipes with him wherever he goes and documenting his travels.

In Kenya, Ross decided to serenade the wildlife in a giraffe reserve. The animals were so curious by the sound that they approached him and gave him some attention!

“Having a musical instrument has given me a different purpose to travel,” says Ross. “People have opened up to me in a weird way, and I’ve opened up to them in a weird way.”

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