Anyone who’s been on a flight is well aware of the tedious hassles of airlines. The various hoops you have to jump through just to get through security, the many hours spent simply waiting, having to deal with the passenger who’s sitting in your seat….and then there are the additional fees airlines love to tack on. Want to check a bag? Bring a carry-on? Use Wi-Fi? Eat peanuts and drink water? That’ll be $300, please. One guy didn’t see the purpose in paying to check a bag, so he simply brought the contents of his bag with him.

Ryan Carney Williams was flying home to England following a vacation in Iceland when he was stopped for looking a little….”fuller” than usual. The passenger was registering for his flight wearing 10 shirts and eight pairs of pants when the British Airways front desk attendants asked him to leave. When he refused, security was called in and placed him under arrest due to his “rudeness.”

Williams took to Twitter to describe and record his entire interaction with security agents:


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