What could be better than a historic vacation in beautiful Portugal? Your hotel is in a medieval village and every wall is being stacked with books.

The Literary Man Hotel in Obidos, Portugal opened its doors in October of 2016 and already currently holds over 45,000 books. The goal is to have 100,000 books throughout the entirety of the building.

The hotel, which doubles as a bookstore, sits among artisan shops in the 700-year-old town just northwest of Lisbon. The tiny town is home to 3,000 people so as the sunsets and the day-visitors leave, you’re left with the locals and an intimate experience.

Located just off of the main road, Literary Man is a great meeting spot for people crowding the village in the day to shop and drink. The hotel’s cocktail lounge and restaurant are more like a library than a bar. The drinks that are named after literary legends mixed with the soft lighting and leather chairs add to the tranquil atmosphere.

If you’re wondering what books cover the walls, there’s no genre of writing left untouched from poetry to historic digs.

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