If you’re someone who likes to travel with your pets, one of the biggest hassles is finding a place to crash that will also accommodate them. Often times hotels have strict pet policies, putting things like breed and weight restrictions on guests that make finding the suitable lodging even tougher.

But one Super 8 hotel in Georgetown, Kentucky is probably more lenient than any other establishment you’ve ever seen. When one Ontario woman was traveling to the Retired Racehorse Project Thoroughbred Makeover and National Symposium, she decided to take a load off before the competition began.

Upon checking in, Lindsey Patridge playfully asked the hotel staff if her horses would be allowed in after they mentioned the pet policy. Little did she know that this Super 8 was horse-friendly, and all they needed was the standard $10 pet fee. After that, her horse Here Comes Aldri was allowed into the establishment.

Hilariously enough, the horse nicknamed Blizz made its way into the lobby, and even got to spend some quality time watching TV with Lindsey in her room.

“I was like let’s just check in with the horse, and we did our video and then my room happened to be on the first floor, so we took her into the hotel room to watch a little TV,” Partridge said.

However, Blizz didn’t end up sleeping in the hotel. Instead she was taken over to the horse park, which was probably in her best interest, and this is where she was housed for the rest of her time in Kentucky.

“I use Harmony Horsemanship to train all my horses, and for me it’s all about that calm connection,” Partridge said. “If you have that calm connection, you can take your horse anywhere.”

Since Super 8 doesn’t have any overarching policy regarding which kind of pets are allowed in their hotels, each location is allowed to handle these sorts of situations in whichever way they deem fit.

Here Comes Aldri participated in the field hunter and competitive trail classes at the Makeover, taking third place in the competitive trail category.

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