Opening next month, The Sheldon Chalet, which is located in Alaska’s Denali National Park, will allow guests to experience the terrain in a uniquely immersive way. At 6,000 feet elevation, the chalet was strategically built on a nunatak (an exposed hill surrounded by glacier) so guests can feel like they’re part of the terrain.

Rooms at the chalet start at $2,300 per person/per night, based on double occupancy. This amount may seem high, but the all-inclusive rate covers not only accommodations, food, beverages, and sauna access, but also a “flightseeing” tour which is how you get to and from the chalet.

The best experience of all is sitting on the observation deck, with your Champagne in hand, while enjoying the aurora borealis. If sitting back and relaxing isn’t your thing, the staff will happily arrange ski trips or snowshoeing expeditions to appease your adventurous side.

With a maximum capacity of 10 people across five guest rooms that boast panoramic views of the glaciers, The Sheldon Chalet promises to be a truly customizable and exclusive experience.
Make sure to leave those electronic devices packed away as the area has neither cell phone coverage nor internet service. The chalet considers it to be one of the perks, calling it, “luxurious disconnecting.”

As one of the operators of the resort, Marne Sheldon says “Alaska doesn’t have many of these crown-jewel experiences. We hope to fill that niche.”

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