Nearly everyone wishes to travel the world at some point in their life, but the biggest hindrance that faces them is air travel and other expenses. One Australian man, though, has figured out a way to travel to almost 47 countries and counting without once boarding an airplane.

Tyral Dalitz used to be a farmhand before he decided that world travel was more his style. The 29-year-old graduated from university in 2013 and soon after rented a camper van for the purpose of getting to know his own homeland. That’s when the thirst for adventure hit him, the desire to traverse the other plains spanning the globe and see what mysteries they hold.

In 2014, he “realized that most of the fun and adventurous things happen when you’re getting from point A to point B, rather than where you end up.” His first hurdle was leaving Australia, which he accomplished by finding a retired couple who wanted someone to pilot their sailboat voyage to Singapore.

Dalitz never concocted his own plan, he simply took advantage of what he could find when he could get it. He was able to get from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand, after he found the Sail Malaysia rally which conducts organized trips for boats bound for a single destination.

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