When Walter Brindell — general manager of the Park Hyatt in Chicago — found a one-eyed pug at a PAWS rescue shelter, she was overjoyed. Parker was “a sweet, plump couch potato,” but she was also a survivor of an unfortunate situation that left her with only one eye. It was her lovable nature that won the hotel manager over, so he adopted her and named her Parker.

Not satisfied with leaving her at home for long hours, Brindell decided to bring her to the hotel. After all, you can do that when you’re the manager! Once he saw how enraptured guests were with Parker, he decided to just make the lovable pug a permanent part of the hotel business.

Now Parker serves as concierge and greeter for guests. “She’s a very quiet, reserved pup, and she loves everybody,” says Brindell. She even has her own uniform: a classy Burberry bandana. When she isn’t hard at work bringing happiness to the guests or attending staff meetings, she spends her time lounging on the rooftop terrace in her down time.

Parker has done quite well for herself in her new position. The hours are good, and she gets paid with plenty of love and attention from not just the guests, but from the hotel staff as well. They always make sure that she’s walked, fed, and medicated.

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