People say it’s rough living in Seattle, but imagine living so close to the arctic circle that you go weeks with absolutely no sunlight. This is reality for residents of Murmansk, Russia.

They recently took to their Instagram and various social media accounts to share how thrilled they were about finally catching their first glimpse of daylight — about 30 minutes’ worth — after what must have felt like an endless 40 days.

This phenomenon is called polar night, but experiencing it for 40 full days is most definitely considered an extreme amount of time. It seems to be something of a tradition for the townspeople to gather at the city’s highest point, known as “Solnechnaya Gorka” (Sunny Hill) and witness the first sunrise together after a long polar night.

While they’ll certainly experience more than 30 minutes of sun throughout the course of the year, Murmansk may not be the place for you if you tend to suffer from Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder.

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