According to a recent survey, the one thing half of all married couples have a disagreement about while on vacation is “being too connected to work.”

Wanting to stay caught up with your responsibilities can be a natural response to spending some time away from the office, but most people don’t realize the negative effect this can be having on their relationship. While your loyalty to work is commendable, a vacation is designed to allow you to relax from the stress of work.

That being said, the right partner should recognize that commitment you have for your job and make some allowances. Before you leave, couples should sit down and agree on some rules and boundaries for when you’re gone so neither work nor your partner get neglected.

Of those surveyed, respondents agreed the most common reason for working while on vacation was “getting pulled into critical issues.” Emergencies happen and things will come up that you have no control over, so a good way around that is to set aside a time that your partner and coworkers know is reserved for settling work issues.

In addition to turning off notifications on your electronic devices for work related apps such as Slack and Trello, setting an out-of-office message for your email can be a quick and easy way to let everyone know that you can’t be reached…and probably don’t want to be.

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