There so many bizarre stories of things that have happened on airplanes and in airports. Just when you think that you’ve heard it all, though, something else happens to prove you wrong. Take for example this most recent story of a passenger who boarded in plane at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina that was headed for Cincinnati.

The man appeared to lost and disoriented, and was unable to even find his seat on the plane. He was warned by flight attendants that if his behavior continued, he would be removed from the flight. The threats didn’t seem to faze him as he then proceeded to run down to the tarmac, take his shirt off, and chase airport employees around with a plastic signal wand.

The man was immediately transported to a hospital for a mental-health evaluation, but the police said that no charges had been made against the man, and no injuries were reported.

Thankfully, the incident didn’t cause too much of delay for the remaining passengers on the flight as the plane was able take off only 35 minutes behind schedule.

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