I doubt even the most ardent travel adventurist has tried something as unique as this. Travelers are always looking for the most authentic, beautiful, and unique accommodations whilst traversing the globe, but Switzerland just may have everyone beat in that department.

Hence The Null Stern (which means “zero stars” in German), a hotel nestled in the picturesque Swiss Alps. This hotel trims all of the frivolities and the bells and whistles and provides guests with the most bare-boned necessities — seriously.

Chocolates on the pillow? Nope. Fresh towels? Nope. Bathroom? Nope. Walls and roof? Nope. All you get is a bed with fresh linens, two nightstands, and the breathtaking view around you.

“The star is not the hotel, but each guest,” explains Daniel Charbonnier, the hotel’s co-founder. “We got rid of all the walls, and the only thing left is you and your experience.”

The hotel room isn’t completely devoid of some luxury amenities, though. You can have a butler deliver salami sandwiches and coffee to you in the morning, and plans are in place for a TV to be installed that will give you access to news, weather (very handy, indeed), and some jokes from the region.

The fee for a night in this outdoor hotel is $250 a night, but keep in mind that your booking plans could go awry due to inclimate weather.

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