Looking for a hot (pun intended) vacation deal for this year? This quaint little Airbnb house is located right next to an active volcano in Kalapana, Hawaii, and it might be just the thing for you!

Phoenix House is a cozy little gem nestled right at the base of Mt. Kilauea in Hawaii. You can snag it for your own vacation on AirBnB for just $161.00 per night. It’s a one-bedroom property just four miles away from the volcano, which has erupted a total of 66 times since 1983.

At night, you can see lava flowing from the house

The listing describes the scene around the house as “surreal.” According to Jade, who is the owner of Phoenix House, the views are spectacular and thought-provoking.

“From your window, you can see the plume of smoke where the lava meets the ocean creating the newest land on earth. Smoking volcano, glistening ocean, and miles and miles of dramatic black lava fields are all part of your expansive view and elemental experience here.”

A miniature haven

The house itself is only 450 square feet, but rest assured that it’s fully functional. It comes with a kitchenette complete with all the amenities, a bedroom loft with a queen-sized bed and large windows with beautiful views, a living room area, a bathroom with shower, and high-speed Wi-Fi.

Jade also lives next door, and offers private yoga, sound healing, massages, and guided lava tours to guests if desired. She advertises the house as “a space to go to be reborn.”

For an amazing getaway vacation, head over to Airbnb and book a relaxing and peaceful stay in this beautiful house next to the great Mt. Kilauea! Phoenix House is waiting for you!

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