When preparing for a long road trip, you need to remember certain items to pack that will ensure you are properly fed, hydrated, and entertained throughout those boring and dull hours of the day and night. You also need to remember your furry friend and what he or she needs to be comfortable during the drive! Don’t worry, our fool-proof list has got you covered.

What To Pack

These are the items to pack for your puppy or dog: a collapsible water dish, a leash, one extra collar, a collapsible food dish, a bottle of water, poop bags, gauze pads and no-bite spray, bandages, toys, a dog bed, treats, ear and eye wipes, and folder with all medical records. You can never be too careful!

When To Stop

It’s good to stop every two or three hours on the road to let your dog make a poop or urinate. It’s also a great time to try to get them to eat or drink something. Plus, you get to stretch your legs or get a bag of chips from the rest stop vending machine. You can use the restroom yourself, too! Obviously. Take your dog on a leash at all times and make sure to stay out of the parking lot and away from the dangerous highway. Keep your Google Maps open and you may find some public parks to stop at, in case you get bored of the rest stops.

How To Keep Your Car

Put a shed cover or a blanket down over your entire backseat (if you don’t have backseat passengers). If your car is crowded, try putting the pup in the trunk. Make sure he or she is comfortable and there won’t be any loose luggage that may fall down on top of the little furball. You can also try putting your dog in a small carrier or crate if you want to make sure he or she is really safe.

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