If you’re looking to kill the travel game, the key is to pack efficiently and minimize the time wasted en route to your destination. The keys to moving like a professional travel bug dive deeper than mobile check-in and considering the time of year when choosing certain destinations — although that is definitely worth covering. Get ready to be schooled in the lesson of making moves with these tips that frequent fliers live by.

Hire an airport greeter
Cut down on time by spending a few extra dollars on a meet-and-greet service. The concierge is much more than someone to handle your bags and escort you to check-in. They are great for sweeping you past security, immigration, and customs. Talk about making it to your terminal with time to spare. The help is especially good for those with connecting flights, traveling alone overseas, or travelers who might default to zombie mode after over a dozen hours of flying.

“More discerning travelers know their stuff and want to get where they’re going, especially on connecting flights,” explained Julie Danzinger. The director of luxury travel services at Ovation Vacations in New York is in love with Solve, a Las Vegas concierge service. “When you land you kind of feel like a celebrity,” she said.

If hiring a concierge is not in the plan, be sure to know the airport’s layout. When dealing with large airports, it’s easy to get turned around and waste time to get from one place to the next. Consider either asking for assistance with directions or even downloading the map to your phone.

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