If you’re looking to avoid all human contact on your next flight, Emirates Airways has you covered. The airline now offers first-class suites, which are the first in the industry to come with sliding doors and provide complete privacy.

The 40-square-foot suite makes interacting with even flight crew unnecessary as there is an in-suite mini bar and a service window for receiving food. When it comes to placing an order, the suite is packed with technology to make communication with staff easy. The room service feature allows voice and video calls to staff, but there is the old school call button in case you need some human interaction.

The suite comes complete with a 32-inch HD television and noise-canceling headphones, however, if you’re more the type to journal on the plane, a leather-bound notebook comes in the amenity kit.

Within the suites passengers are able to customize their lighting and even control the temperature of the room using either a remote or a tablet. When you’re ready to catch some shut-eye, change into some cozy Emirates pajamas and ready yourself for bed. Yes — the seat reclines to a flat and “zero gravity” position. The complimentary sleep oil and pillow mist assist in optimal sleep.

Six of the first class suites will debut on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft in December on flights from Dubai to Brussels and Geneva.

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