Most people who travel the world can only do so one spot at a time with months between, sometimes years. Some people travel for their jobs, but they don’t get to see the sights because they are too busy working to notice anything. But Two Fat Americans have figured it out an entirely different way.

Dean and Julie Couchey got married and quit their jobs to travel. They have traveled to about 20 countries and they haven’t even celebrated their first anniversary yet. They plan to do that in July in Paris if the money doesn’t run out by then.

So, how do they make it work? That’s a good question, because anyone can do it if they get organized quickly and do it right. First of all, Dean and Julie were able to save up vacation days from their jobs. They took their savings and their last paychecks on the road. “We were the typical Americans that had saved many, many weeks of vacation and luckily we were able to get it paid out.”

Traveling All Over The World

two fat americans

In addition to that, they used discount programs and loyalty points. They have cash-back programs that help pay their way while traveling. “We figured since we will be staying in a lot of hotels, we will use because they give you one free night after 10 nights.” They also advertise Ebates and Hotels to make even more money and earn more rewards.

Their Citi Double Cash card and Capital One Quicksilver card both gives them cash-back rewards on different purchases. Plus, their frequent flier benefits from Star Alliance and Air Asia help them in flying around the world. But they are not stuck with any specific airline. They do effective airline comparisons by Kayak and Google Flights while they pay attention to hidden fees. All in all, they’ve managed to get $500 cash back while they’ve been traveling.

But that isn’t their entire plan. Dean is a chef and Julie is a photographer as well as a foodie. They have taken their passion and put it on a website called Two Fat Americans where they show people their travels. The subtitle reads, “eating and drinking our way around the world (while doing some other fun things too).” They have an Instagram account as well as being on Facebook. They plan on advertising and I think they would be good at it. If they give the viewers an honest review, restaurants would be willing to pay.

They Know How To Find Good Food

two fat americans

“We wanted to think of a name that would be both funny and representative of who we are. Yes, we’re on the larger side, but also there is a stigma in the world that Americans are just fat people who, if they do travel, only go to the tourist spots and eat at the tourist places. By having a funny, catchy name, we have hopes that it will intrigue people enough to check us out and see that we couldn’t be further from that stigma. (Aside from the fat part!)”

Anyone can have a dream like this! If you have a passion, you can make it your entire life just like the Coucheys. Put a plan together like they did and go after it with wild abandon.

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