The National Park Service announced that they were lifting the six-year ban on the selling of plastic water bottles within certain parks.

The Grand Canyon, Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and Mount Rushmore are just a handful of the 23 sites where the bottles were banned.

“While we will continue to encourage the use of free water bottle filling stations as appropriate, ultimately it should be up to our visitors to decide how best to keep themselves and their families hydrated during a visit to a national park,” said Michael T. Reynolds, the organization’s acting national director.

The ban on water bottles was passed in 2011 after they caused a massive amount of litter. Oddly enough, other bottled drinks were not banned and the International Bottled Water Association called the policy flawed. The IBWA has spent the last few years fighting to overturn the ban. The National Park System argued that the elimination of water bottle sale was a step taken toward the larger goal of litter reduction.

Despite the lift on the ban, it is unclear whether some parks will actually resume selling bottled water.

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