Imagine finding an unused airline ticket underneath your bed that dated back to December 31, 1998. That’s exactly what happened to a man by the name of John Walker.

While doing a bit of early spring cleaning, he came across a box that contained the ticket for a flight from Nashville to Sacramento. Attached to the ticket was a letter that said, “domestic wholly unused non-refundable ticket(s) can forever be applied toward the purchase of another domestic non-refundable ticket, for the customer named on the ticket.”

So the big question was, “Does forever apply 19 years later?” It turns out it does.

Walker reached out to United, but was passed from agent to agent as paper tickets hadn’t been used in 10 years and nobody knew what to do with his. Finally, a customer service agent was able to explain to him that when United went bankrupt in 2010, they were no longer responsible for their debts, which included “forever” tickets.

However, they decided to make a special exception for Walker. “They decided to honor it partly because of the letter even though it wasn’t legally binding,” Walker said. “But also, because I think it was just good customer service on their part.”

Walker will soon be receiving a digital voucher for $378. Maybe this time he’ll actually make it to Sacramento!

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