You don’t know what you have if you’re not taking care of your beach. It’s wrong if you let it go and it’s always a good idea to put some funding in place to keep it up. But Versova Beach is going through a huge transformation.

It is called the “biggest beach cleanup in the world.” That’s how huge it was. One guy by the name of Afroz Shah took the initiative to clean up the beach in Mumbai, India. But he wasn’t alone. Residents began to help him and you’ll understand what I mean when I say he needed it.

Step One: Get People Involved At Versova Beach

Versova Beach

There was no way one guy was going to be able to tackle that all by himself. We’re talking about a beach that was literally used as a trash can. Of course, trash also washed up on the beach from other places and that’s a shame. But when people see that something isn’t being taken care of, many of them contribute…to trashing it.

There were soda bottles and cheeseburger wrappers all over the place. There were dirty diapers and full trash bags. There was furniture people had discarded and tires from their cars. The list goes on and that’s how much people cared about this beach.

Step Two: Get Versova Beach Clean

Versova Beach

That is until Afroz Shah came along and changed perception. If there’s one thing about the world, people love their beaches. If you want that money coming into your town, all you have to do is clean up your beaches. Make them nice so people can enjoy a sunny day on them and you’ll have yourself a lucrative vacation spot.

Step Three: Final Touches

Versova Beach

The thing is, Afroz was not finished yet. Cleaning it up was one thing. But he also thought it would be nice to plant about 500 coconut trees and make a coconut lagoon. It’s a nice touch at the end of a project. Hope it inspires others to do the same with the trashed beach near them.

Watch The Amazing Cleanup In Action

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