Later this year, a truly unique and luxurious experience will open up for those of us who want to view the aurora borealis from the comfort of a warm room. The Arctic Bath hotel will be located in the middle of a remote Arctic river and was designed with every comfort in mind.

Complete with saunas, a spa treatment room, lounge, shop, bar, and restaurant, this hotel includes every possible amenity needed. Located on the Lule River in Northern Sweden, the Arctic Bath also features a main, floating bath, designed to resemble a bird’s nest. At the center of it, there’s a cut out that opens directly to the river. The water temperature obviously varies from winter to summer, but the pool is always maintained at four degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you’re not a lover of the cold, there’s always the sauna, spa, or one of the six guest rooms to warm up in. According to Thrillist, each guest room, as well as the main bath, will be frozen in place during the winter but freely float around during the summer.

If you’re looking to book a reservation, the Arctic Bath is currently not accepting them, but keep a close eye on their website for updates as to when they will be!

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