Vacationers are always looking for that next amazing getaway experience, and we think we’ve found it — The Resort at Paws Up. Nestled within Montana’s gorgeous Blackfoot Valley, the resort adopts a clear rustic design with a hint of modernity, called “glamping” (glamour camping). But the great news is that people who have stayed there are reporting that it appeals to people of any generation — from the grandparents to the true cowpokes at heart.

The resort is set on 37,000 acres, so there’s space aplenty for privacy and for some backwoods exploring. For those who like the feel of camping without the tedious exercise of having to blow up air mattresses, pitch tents, and scrape the sides of cans of baked beans, then this is the resort that has everything figured out to perfection.

Accommodations include anything from enclosed cabins to canvas tents with modern amenities adopting a rustic spin to open-air tents with little more than a cot and some basic furniture, depending on how much you want to rough it out.

Even if you do opt for the more rustic, outdoors experience, then you’re still getting heated floors, climate control, and full sized bathrooms. If you do decide to go a little more modern, or if you’re traveling with a large family, the resort offers 28 different homes ranging from two bedrooms to four bedrooms. These homes truly provide classy experience with just the right hint of woodland rustic.

And if you’re wondering about food, you’ll be well taken care of under Chef Ben Jones who’s been whipping up amazing meals for resort guests for over four years. If you love just lazing about, then this is the place to do it. For the more active family members, however, there’s so much to do.

From snowmobiling to a shooting range, dogsledding, whitewater rafting, and a suspended treetop course, there’s something here for everyone.

Rates can range anywhere from $650-$2,000 per night per person, depending on what kind of accommodations you want.

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