Have you ever wished you could live like your favorite celebrity for a few days and experience a life of luxury? Well, Borrow A Boat is a company that is designed around giving its customers that exact opportunity.

Founded by Matt Ovenden, this British entrepreneur drew direct inspiration from AirBnB. He wanted to offer a solution to the yacht owners that struggle dealing with all the various expenses attached to owning a boat and to regular people that would love to vacation on one but cannot afford it.

“I realised marinas are full of millions of pounds worth of boats that are rarely used, and also chartering is expensive and it’s hard to find what you want – it seemed perfect for the sharing economy,” Ovenden shared.

“So we set up Borrow A Boat allowing boat owners to list their own private boats, and we list small charter company boats as well. Today we have over 13,000 boats on the site in 62 countries from the Med, to the Caribbean, Indian Ocean, Asia and Far East and Pacific, plus Australia and the USA.”

For those owners who are concerned about renting their boats out to complete strangers, have no fear! Borrow A Boat allows you to customize specific rules, set your own pricing, and list any block out dates you choose.

Ovenden also added that, “Boats can be booked with a skipper as an optional extra for those who don’t have a Day Skipper qualification, which is generally the minimum requirement for chartering most of them, and with that boats can be taken “bareboat” anywhere in the world for the ultimate exploring by water.”

By the end of 2017, Borrow A Boat is looking to have 20,000 boats available, so plan your next vacation and sail in style.

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