We’ve all had that experience where we’re waiting patiently for our luggage in baggage claim after a long flight, half-awake and eager to just get home. You finally spot your bag making its way slowly towards you at a meandering pace, and you’re thinking of your warm bed as you yank it off the belt….only to find out that it isn’t your bag.

Or — second scenario — the airline mixes up your bag with someone else’s, but it was an honest mistake considering that it looks just like every other monoschromatic suitcase that’s being toted by every other traveler.

Well, thanks to a new growing trend, you may be able to kiss your misidentified suitcase and missing luggage days goodbye. A retail company based in the U.K. called Firebox has come up with a way to manufacture custom suitcases with your own face. That’s right, your specially-designed mug-bearing suitcase is like your very own photo ID.

The concept was created by the company’s MD, Kristian Bromley, who had his own suitcase taken by a fellow passenger by mistake. The custom suitcases can be purchased in three different sizes and it’s super easy, as all you have to do is upload an image to their website.

If you do decide to utilize this unique service, though, make sure that you choose your best mom-approved picture (since you’ll be displaying it proudly for the world to see). Also, your image will be greatly expanded, so make sure you pick a high-resolution image to avoid any kind of fuzziness or blur occurring on the suitcase.

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