We truly live in magical times. Rocket ships can take cameras to far-off distant worlds, increasing our knowledge of such places while we stay firmly on the Earth’s surface. The same can be said for locations around our own homey planet. Thanks to technology, satellites, the Internet, and the ability to corral all to create a window into areas we never ever get to visit, we can experience shrines buried in the deepest jungles, homes on the fringe and some far off the radar, and as you will experience in the gallery below, agriculture as artwork, otherwise known as China’s amazing rice terraces.

The grain is incredibly important to Asia, and so is its farming. As you can see, there is an almost geometric acuity to getting the crop to grow, a clever combination of elevation and wetlands meant to make the most out of the stalks that give forth their nutritious brown goodness (the white comes from washing off the outer husk, FYI). But the beauty of it all. That’s what’s so startling. Yes, a freshly plowed field has a similar symmetrical appeal, but after you’ve seen these marvels, you’ll wonder if aliens really waste their time making silly circles in the crops. Perhaps this is what their extraterrestrial mission is really all about. Enjoy.

Pretty In Pink

Any artist couldn’t have painted it better.

Like A Sketchbook On The Landscape

So lush and tranquil.

Within The Mist, Something Magical

These images are just breathtaking.

Red Always Means “Stop And Pay Attention”

And it’s impossible to ignore this.

Like One Of Those Marble Maze Games

It’s a puzzle that’s a pleasure to solve.

So Much Work…And So Much Beauty


All of those watery fields are fascinating.

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