What would possess someone to do something like this, nobody knows. Unfortunately, this story is 100% true.

United Airlines Flight 895 was traveling from Chicago to Hong Kong when it was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Anchorage. According to Ted Stevens International Airport Police, the reason was because of a “passenger smearing feces everywhere.”

Airport police added that he did this throughout “a couple” of bathrooms in addition to taking off his shirt and attempting to shove it into one of the toilets. A statement from United said that the unscheduled stop was because of “a disruptive passenger,” but he was extremely cooperative with the flight crew and authorities. Upon landing, he was taken to a hospital where he underwent a psych evaluation but no charges were filed.

While the delay was quite an inconvenience for the 245 passengers on board the flight, United worked diligently to find them hotel accommodations and reschedule their trip if necessary.

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