Have you ever wanted to be paid to fly and see aliens? Then the U.S. government has got a job for you! Ok, so you probably won’t be seeing aliens, but the government is looking to hire flight attendants to work for the U.S. Air Force-managed airline that shuttles federal and contract employees from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport to the mysterious Area 51 sight.

Crew members hired will be expected to perform all the standard stewardess duties aboard the unmarked white-and-red-striped planes. This includes the passenger briefing routines and making sure that all passengers comply with the safety regulations. Attendants will also be required to compile passenger manifests and make sure that every security protocol is enforced. Things like “leadership, direction, and assistance” are some of the necessary requirements in the case of an emergency situation.

The curious thing is that among the list of requirements nowhere does it say that an employee must be ready in case of alien attacks. Hmmm….sounds like a conspiracy theory confirmed, right there! All joking aside, this position is apparently quite serious, as the application states that crew members must “maintain a top secret government security clearance and associated work location access.” Obviously this position would require some major swearing to secrecy!

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