Paraguay was pretty upset about 10 years back when their semi-famous enormous lily pads disappeared, seemingly forever. Now it seems that they’re back in full form in the country’s Salado River. The giant lily pads were thought to have gone extinct in 2016 due to things like dredging and tourists scooping them from the water as souvenirs.

The pads (called victoria cruziana) can reach a whopping five feet in diameter and all sprout a small pink and white flower that only lasts for about 48 hours before withering. Locals have taken to calling them “alligator lilies” due to the fact that they can conceal an entire alligator. The plant can also be used to counteract breathing problems, and even asthma.

Though boat rides are once again being offered for tourists to get an up close look, anyone caught attempting to pick them will be given a heavy fine. This is to prevent them from going back onto the endangered list.

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