This little guy is going to grow up being called the fist bumping kid. He definitely knows how to make headlines. But better than that, he knows how to make friends.

Most people come on a plane and are just happy to finally get in their seats. They put their bags overhead and fire up their laptops. They get into their music or they fall asleep right away. That seems to be what people were pretty much doing on this flight.

That is until the fist bumping kid came along. He wasn’t having any of that. He literally got everyone out of their routines and made them fist bump. But the most awesome part about it was that his mom was behind him recording.

She Knew The Kid Was Up To Something Awesome

She must know her kid pretty well to know that he’s going to do something so awesome just boarding the plane. She knew to have the camera running. I wonder if she always follows him around with a camera. And where can we find the videos of this kid in action on the daily?

There are only certain ways to greet people around the world without a problem. You can say “hi.” Normally nodding works. But the fist bump is now universal for several reasons.

When A President And A Talk Show Host Can Do It

It makes people look cool. The days of high-fiving are over because uncoordinated people got into it and made it awkward. Also, some people took high-fiving too far and it would take them about five minutes to get through a high-five. Who has time for that?

The simple fist bump takes a second and you can’t geek it out. Plus, it’s ideal for germaphobes. People like Howie Mandel prefer it to any other greeting because it’s hard to transfer germs knuckling people as you walk down an aisle.

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