A Turkish Airlines flight from Nairobi to Istanbul was diverted to Khartoum, Sudan, because a passenger thought it would be funny to name their Wi-fi network, “Bomb on Board.” The plane was immediately rerouted when the flight crew noticed the network, and all 100 passengers were required to exit the plane while it was inspected.

“Experts said the Wi-Fi network in question was created on board,” Turkish Airlines said. “No irregularities were seen after security procedures were carried out, and passengers were brought back on the plane once boarding restarted.”

If they were able to determine which passenger created the network, the airline chose not to disclose it at the time. Unfortunately, this incident wasn’t the only one of its kind. After a passenger noticed a network called “Mobile Detonation Device,” a flight out of Melbourne was delayed for two hours last year.

In future, it might be best if people exercised their somewhat off-putting sense of humor when they weren’t on board an airplane and delaying the travels of everyone around them.

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