There are some prime locations to take a vacation along both coasts of the United States, but one particular seaside inn has been named the top waterfront property by Coastal Living. The Anchorage 1770 in Beaufort, South Carolina is not only historic, but it’s extremely luxurious as well.

The seaside inn is located in a 250-year-old Federalist manor which overlooks Beaufort’s Harbor River. Nicknamed the “Queen of the Bay,” the mansion was renovated in 2014 by a couple who decided to turn the elegant building into a all-inclusive 13-room inn.

Inside, the inn features extremely modern and stylish rooms filled with a wide variety of interior design options for every guest. Not only is the decor contemporary, but the architecture inside is also quite modern in relation to the historic look of the building from outside.

With numerous amenities, Anchorage 1770 sits just close enough to a historic district that allows guests to enjoy the natural beauty of the property with access to a charming small town nearby.

Beaufort offers many outdoor activities, ranging from boating, to fishing, and even paddleboarding. There’s also a lot of bird-watching and gardens to enjoy as well.

In addition, the eccentric bed and breakfast also provides a happy hour on their upstairs porches, which offers a beautiful view of the Harbor River. During these hours, guests can enjoy small food plates and beverages while soaking up the charm of the waterfront property.

A bonus cottage in the rear of the main mansion also offers an additional two suites, giving guests an alternative to staying in the main William Elliott House.

All in all, the location in Lowcountry, South Carolina is a must-visit spot for those looking to experience some relaxing southern charm first-hand.

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