Ladies, have you ever desired to retreat to a vacation spot that’s just for you? No kids? No pets? No hubby? Finland’s got you covered there. SuperShe Island about 90 minutes from Helsinki was created for the sole purpose of giving female vacationers the chance to vacation the way they want and spend their leisure time doing what they want to do. It was thought up by Kristina Roth, the founder of the lifestyle blog SuperShe, as a sort of wellness restoration.

Roth would vacation at other so-called relaxing retreats where she noticed that some women simply couldn’t fully relax or properly retreat while they were around men. It was then that she formulated the idea for a lush, wooded island that caters exclusively to estrogen.

In order to vacation here, applicants must be fully vetted, after which they’re eligible to receive an exclusive membership. Part of the vetting process involves a personal Skype interview with Roth herself. After that, members are free to vacation here for anywhere between several days to a full week — provided they can front the $3,500 fee, of course. This high pricing is meant to create a sense of exclusivity for all vacationers. So far Roth’s friends have made up the majority of the island vacationers. “I’d like to vet the person and see that they’re well-rounded and would fit in,” she said, “but I don’t want to be elitist.”

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