Royal Caribbean has always been up there as one of the more prestigious cruise lines, but now the company is looking to plant their flag in the territory of enormous cruise ships. The Symphony of the Seas ship is nearing its completion, and when it’s finished it’ll become the largest of its kind to sail the high seas.

Its first major selling point is its juggernaut size. With a mass of 230,000 tons, the ship will be able to carry 5,500 passengers as well as 2,000 crew members. It’s boasting an additional 28 cabins more than the current largest cruise ship and includes two-story luxury suites. Its height alone is twice that of the Washington Monument, and it’ll have seven sections — or “neighborhoods,” as they’re referred to.

For the thrill seekers, Royal Caribbean has you covered. The Ultimate Abyss may sound daunting, but the 100-foot dry slide is no doubt a total blast and even takes you over the edge of the ship where you can stare 150 feet down at the ocean below. The ship has the biggest casino and spa at sea and has 20 different restaurants for you to choose from, including a Jamie Oliver Italian eatery.

If sitting out by the pool and relaxing doesn’t interest you, there are plenty of other indoor venues you can take part in. These amenities include ice skating, laser tag, rock climbing, zip lining, a bar with robot servers, theater shows, and even its own Central Park-inspired walking area. There are 18 decks that are all dedicated to making sure that each and every person remains fully entertained for the duration of the cruise.

The Symphony of the Seas will make its maiden voyage this March 31 bound for the Mediterranean. Later on in the fall the ship will change course when it goes from Miami to the Caribbean.

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